Shanghai Yanchen Metal Products Co.,Ltd (orginal name is Shanghai Jiahua Icebox Spareparts Factory), founded in September 1992, is located on No. 75 Aite Rd, Jiang Qiao Town, west Shanghai suburb, Jiading District. It is about 10 kilometers away from Shanghai Center. Suzhou River is to its south...
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  • first-rate quality
  • first-rate technology
  • first-rate management
  • first-rate service
  • Stamping workshop
    We have more than 110 punching ...
    Injection moulding workshop
    There are above 20 injection moulding …
    Die workshop
    We have a die manufacture company as...

    major joint-operated project
    speakers, metal punching basin, mesh cover, various kinds of injection parts, assembly lines
    major joint-operated project
    heat water casing, wind machine, BLASTING, combustion chamber etc.